The JOETSIE GROUP is a dynamic and driven family business, rooted deeply in the heart of the Namaqua West Coast and its surrounding area. Our foundation is built on the pillars of trust, teamwork, and sustainability, which guide every aspect of our operations.

At The JOETSIE GROUP, we believe in the power of trust. We build and maintain strong relationships with our clients, partners, and employees through transparency, integrity, and consistent excellence in service delivery. Our long-standing reputation in the region is a testament to our unwavering commitment to these values.

In everything we do, from small local projects to large-scale initiatives, we aim to drive progress and make a meaningful difference. Our vision is to continue growing as a leading family business, setting new standards in our industry while staying true to our core values.



1993: Piet Pool and his wife, Lappies, relocated to the family farm near Lutzville in the Namaqua West Coast, marking the start of their journey. Unbeknownst to them, within a few years, they would be managing a thriving family business.
1997: Joetsie (Pty) Ltd was established with Piet Pool and his wife, Lappies, as the founding members. “Joetsie,” Piet’s nickname, has been passed down through generations in the family, though its origin remains unknown. It was Lappies who proposed using the nickname as the business name.
2002: Piet and Lappies recognised a significant gap in the accommodation market near Tronox Mine, formerly known as Namaqua Sands Mine. With the nearest town, Lutzville, being 70 km away, they decided to start a guesthouse on the neighbouring farm.
2004: Piet was initially contracted by Namaqua Sands to handle small works for the mine, which gradually expanded into an entirely new line of business.
2007: The couple acquired a new business in Lutzville, Joetsie Steenwerke, previously known as Rotsvas Steenwerke. This plant is dedicated to manufacturing building blocks, bricks, pavers, and more.
2008: The Joetsie Group expanded by acquiring a second plant in Vredendal. This facility is now used for manufacturing precast products and serves as a depot for the products made at the Lutzville plant.
2011: The Joetsie Group expanded their transport division.


2015: The Joetsie Group expanded its Mining division, focusing on operations within the mining and construction industries. Their activities now encompass stripping, loading, hauling, rehabilitation, and crushing.
2017: The Joetsie Group expanded its Construction division.
2018: The Joetsie Group opened a new depot in Springbok, Northern Cape. This expansion ensures ongoing growth and solidifies our position as a significant player in the civil industry.
2019: The Joetsie Steenwerke production plant relocates to Vredendal.
2021: Since 2021, all three of Piet and Lappies’ children have joined the family business, and the founders are now enjoying a more relaxed pace of life.
2023: Kenny Langeveldt is appointed as MD of the Joetsie Group


A defined vision and mission guides our business in the right direction.

Our objective is to deliver top-notch services and produce high-quality products at competitive prices. Through our business divisions and trading company, we aim to achieve this goal. At Joetsie, our target is to consolidate our position and emerge as leaders in each of our divisions.

The Joetsie Group’s slogan is “Our game, our pride”. We are proud of the products and services that we offer our committed clients. We strive to build a successful business with our clients.



At Joetsie we promise to provide our products and services with integrity. Our business is built on four important cornerstones: respect, trust, teamwork and self-development.

We are committed to giving everyone the means to succeed. In exchange, Joetsie encourages all its employees to do their best: respecting others, respecting safety and respecting local and international standards.

Teamwork is part of the daily routine at Joetsie. It leads to an exchange of ideas, progress and an atmosphere of trust. It is important that people can share their experiences and best practices and learn from their peers. It is also important that managers care about the development of their employees and have regular, honest discussions with them. Managers need to be attentive and provide guidance.

Joetsie encourages all of its employees to take responsibility and develop their skills, their spirit of initiative, their creativity and their motivation.